Established in 2014, ALENA Energy operates in the field of renewable energy, taking the lead in researching and providing clean, energy-saving energy solutions to create green value for society and society. towards sustainable development. Among them, there are practical solutions, built in the renewable energy segment such as inverter products and electricity storage systems for small businesses and industries.

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  • Leading the REC market in Vietnam.
  • Trusted partner of I-REC in Vietnam.
  • Direct connection to renewable energy plants in Vietnam.
  • Evident registration account: ALENATRA.
  • Cooperate with RE100/ESG organizations around the world.
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Alena Energy – Consulting, design, installation of solar power systems, electricity storage systems, charging station systems, smart parking lots and smart urban infrastructure, EPC general contractor…

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Alena Energy is committed to providing customers with products of outstanding quality, prestige and reliability. We have a network of agents and leading technical support services nationwide. Always support and bring the best product experience to customers.

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Using renewable energy on-site can also demonstrate a business’s commitment to the environment and social responsibility. It creates a positive image of the business contributing to building a sustainable future.

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We provide better quality and service than any other company in the renewable energy sector on the market today.



Inverter hybrid 20KW 3 pha – Solinteg MHT-20K-40

Inverter hòa lưới 125KW – Sineng SN-125PT

SolarEdge SE25K - 25KW 3phase On-Gird Solar Inverter

IQ8P Microinverter

110KW Grid-Tied Inverter - Sineng SN-110PT

Telecom Lithium Battery AE-4850

10KW Gird-Tied Inverter - Sineng SN-10PT

Growatt MAX 110KTL3-X LV - 110KW On Gird Solar Inverter

SolarEdge SE25K - 25KW 3phase On-Gird Solar Inverter


Founded in 2006, Enphase has transformed the solar industry with our revolutionary microinverter technology, turning sunlight into a safe, reliable, flexible energy source. active and scalable to power our lives.

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SolarEdge, founded in 2006, is one of the world’s fastest-growing solar inverter manufacturers and currently ranks as the largest globally. The Israel-based company offers a wide range of inverters for residential, commercial, small-scale solar installations, along with a wide range of energy storage optimizations and solutions.

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Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. is a leading global high-tech enterprise specialized in power electronic products R&D, manufacturing, trading and maintenance, covering its business in PV inverter, energy storage system, power quality control, plant development and other fields, with a commitment to promoting the construction of a brighter future on the basis of cutting-edge technology solutions.

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Founded in 2011, Growatt is a global distributed energy solutions provider specializing in sustainable energy generation, storage and self-consumption, as well as energy digitalization. We design, develop and manufacture PV inverters, energy storage products, smart energy management systems and other products, and distribute these products to end users. residential, commercial and industrial ("C&I") worldwide through our leading sales channels.

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Established in 1997, Sunwoda Electronic Co., Ltd. (referred to as Sunwoda) has become the world's leading company in the field of lithium-ion batteries. Headquartered in Shenzhen and serving the world, Sunwoda owns several manufacturing bases in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Hubei of China and India, Vietnam South, Hungary and has established branches in the US, France, Germany, Israel, Korea, Japan and other countries.

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The International REC Standards Consortium (I-REC Standards) is a not-for-profit organization that provides robust standards for the development of attribute tracking systems. The I-REC standard is recognized by major reporting frameworks such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), CDP and RE100 as a trusted backbone for reliable and auditable monitoring tools.

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APX provides innovative technology and service solutions for the energy and environmental markets. Our business experience includes transaction management, registration, planning, settlement, demand-side management, asset control, analytics, operations, exchanges, clearing and brokerage . With deep industry and technology expertise, the APX team is uniquely qualified to deliver market-leading solutions on a foundation of trust, integrity and experience.

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Hitachi is a Japanese brand with a history of more than 100 years and is trusted globally. Hitachi is responsible for generating about 50% of Singapore’s electricity supply. Most mobile phones in Europe have a Hitachi component. To meet the needs of consumers, Hitachi produces UPS with advanced features and durable performance, promising to be a serious competitor to UPS brands present in the Vietnamese market.

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BySolarPower is a registered trademark of and owned by Alena Energy. Taking creativity and smart technology as the guideline for all product development strategies, positioning is a product that is closely linked with the development of smart homes in the future.

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Sinexcel is the world’s leading high-tech electronics and electrical company headquartered in Shenzhen – China and has a branch in California – USA. Main products include solar inverters, Bi-directional Storage inverters, EV chargers, energy storage devices and solutions.

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LONGi Solar founded in 2000, is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end monocrystalline solar panels. LONGi Solar has focused on MONO for the past 18 years and is currently the largest supplier of Mono panels in the world, with total assets of over $5.23 billion (2017). LONGi Solar is planning to reach 45 GW of products by 2020.

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Huayu is the world’s leading solar inverter manufacturer, focusing on safe and secure MLPE (Module-level Power Electronics) and ESS (Energy Storage System) rooftop solar solutions with high efficiency.

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