ALENA ENERGY is proud to be the leading renewable energy solutions provider in Vietnam since 2015, with a mission to provide customers with efficient, cost-saving and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

VISION: We aim to become the leading provider of comprehensive energy solutions, contributing to the promotion of renewable energy development and sustainable development in Vietnam.

ALENA ENERGY is committed to providing customers with optimal energy solutions that suit the needs and budgets of each enterprise with a team of experienced engineers and experts.

ALENA ENERGY accompanies customers on the journey towards a green and sustainable energy future!


  • Vietnam Clean Energy Association (VCEA).
  • Ho Chi Minh City Association for Nature and Environment Protection (HANE).
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Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Reduction

1. Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Reduction

  • Consulting and accurately measuring CO2 emissions according to the international standard ISO 14067:2018.
  • Providing solutions and carbon emission tracking plans, facilitating export for businesses to the European market without having to pay carbon tax.
  • Consulting and providing effective technologies to reduce CO2 emissions and providing green financial investment from global banks and green funds.
  • Providing software solutions to implement carbon reduction target plans and closely monitor the implementation of the plan.

2. Renewable Energy Solutions

  • We provide efficient energy saving solutions, helping businesses meet environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) criteria, including consulting and providing equipment and energy saving systems.
  • Providing services and solutions for upgrading and maintaining industrial electrical systems.
  • Providing services and solutions for installing EMS-SCADA systems – centralized energy monitoring and automation solutions.

3. Energy Saving Solutions

  • We have extensive experience in investing and operating many MW of safe and high-performance rooftop solar power systems since 2019.
  • Supported by green finance from international financial institutions and banks, Alena Energy invests heavily in solar and wind energy with power saving, recovery, carbon storage technologies, supporting businesses to achieve their commitment to using 100% renewable energy.

4. Other Services

  • We supply solar inverters, energy storage batteries (ESS), photovoltaic (PV) modules, and industrial electrical equipment.
  • We offer a range of renewable energy solutions such as solar power, wind power, energy storage systems, electric vehicle batteries, charging stations, and other services.
  • We provide turnkey services from consulting, designing, construction, and installation to operation and maintenance of industrial electrical systems and energy efficient use.



Providing optimal solar power solutions, contributing to cost savings, environmental protection and international sustainable development ESG.


Leading in providing comprehensive solar power solutions, contributing to promoting the development of renewable energy and sustainable development in Vietnam.

core value

We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the field of clean energy in Vietnam

ALENA ENERGY always applies advanced technology to ensure customers always receive quality – efficient – safe solar power systems

Systems with quality equipment from reputable brands and professional design and installation capabilities from ALENA  ensure a durability of over 30 years

We are committed to providing the best quality of service with the most optimal cost for customers

ALENA ENERGY with a team of well-trained staff and lots of practical experience is capable of implementing projects that require high standards and large scale.

We are committed to serving our customers enthusiastically and thoughtfully with the highest sense of responsibility throughout the product life cycle.