Founded in 2014, ALENA ENERGY is well known as one big distributors, who is leading and pioneering in renewable energy industries in Vietnam. Alena is trying to improve, research and provide clean energy solutions, saving energy to create green values for society and towards sustainable development. In which, Alena not only provides practical solutions, but also contribute to develop renewable energy such as inverter, power storage systems for small businesses and industry.

Besides, Alena is also known as a strategic distribution partner of the of the world’s top energy brands such as Hitachi (Japan), First Solar (USA), Solar Edge, Sinexcel, Growatt, HT SAAE, Huayu…

In recent years, Alena has increased investment in solar power projects with large capacity to capacity to maximize solar energy efficiency and provide clean energy sources for industry – agriculture.

The quality of Alena’s products, services and solutions has brought satisfaction and reliability to many customers. Thus, in 2020, despite many difficulties and fluctuations due to the covid epidemic in the world, the revenue of Alena still reached more than 230 billion VND, 5 times higher than revenue in 2019. In which, the cost of investment in solar power projects accounted for 20% of revenue, equivalent to more than 40 billion VND.

Alena’s mission is Energy is to contribute to the development of society by providing green energy solutions and promoting better living standards in the future.

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Providing optimal solar power solutions, contributing to cost savings, environmental protection and international sustainable development ESG.


Leading in providing comprehensive solar power solutions, contributing to promoting the development of renewable energy and sustainable development in Vietnam.

core value

We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the field of clean energy in Vietnam

ALENA ENERGY always applies advanced technology to ensure customers always receive quality – efficient – safe solar power systems

Systems with quality equipment from reputable brands and professional design and installation capabilities from ALENA  ensure a durability of over 30 years

We are committed to providing the best quality of service with the most optimal cost for customers

ALENA ENERGY with a team of well-trained staff and lots of practical experience is capable of implementing projects that require high standards and large scale.

We are committed to serving our customers enthusiastically and thoughtfully with the highest sense of responsibility throughout the product life cycle.