Alena Energy – Infusing Green into Vietnam’s Seas and Islands

On the morning of June 22, at the For a Green Vietnam Garden, the City Nature and Environment Protection Association (HANE) hosted a ceremony to bestow “One and a Half Million Trees” upon the Naval Region 4 Command and the military and civilians of Truong Sa Island District, spanning from 2024 to 2030. The initiative aims to advance environmental protection and sustainable development.

Alena Energy, driven by the mission “to cultivate corporate culture, ethics, and human intellect, delivering optimal value to customers and the community, and shaping a green future,” proudly stands as the principal sponsor for the program “Presenting 1.5 Million Trees to Naval Region 4 from 2024 to 2030.”

Alena Energy Infuses 10,500 Trees to Naval Region 4

Mr. Phan Ngoc Anh, CEO of Alena Energy, alongside delegates, members, businesses, and guests, participated in transferring the casuarina trees onto the vehicles of Naval Regions 2 and 4, destined for planting in the Truong Sa Archipelago and at the offices and barracks of the units.

This initiative forms part of the “One Million Trees for the Homeland’s Seas and Islands, for a Green Vietnam” program, launched by HANE, within a series of activities commemorating World Environment Day. This meaningful program aims to green the islands and coastal areas of Military Zone 4, protect the marine environment, and enhance the living conditions of local residents. Additionally, this activity marks the 15th anniversary of the City’s Nature and Environment Protection Association (2009 – 2024) and the 5th anniversary of the Environmental Journalism Club (2019 – 2024).

Alena Energy – Unwavering Commitment to Marine Environmental Stewardship

With an unwavering commitment to “creating a green future,” Alena Energy has undertaken significant initiatives to safeguard the marine environment through impactful activities.

  • Contributing 10,500 trees to the program: Alena Energy, as the principal sponsor, has contributed 10,500 trees to the program, aiding in the greening of islands and coastal areas.
  • Facilitating the transition to renewable energy: Alena Energy offers renewable energy solutions to coastal households and businesses, mitigating environmental impact and fostering sustainable economic development.
  • Organizing educational initiatives on marine environmental protection: Alena Energy conducts educational activities to enlighten the community on the importance of marine environmental protection, enhancing awareness and responsibility among all employees in contributing to marine conservation.

The Vital Role of Planting Trees on Islands and Coastal Areas

Planting trees on islands and coastal areas yields numerous practical benefits:

  • Protecting the marine environment: Trees help prevent soil erosion, preserve marine ecosystems, and create habitats for flora and fauna.
  • Enhancing the landscape: Trees beautify coastal landscapes, creating a healthier and more visually appealing living environment.
  • Elevating local living conditions: Trees provide shade, supply oxygen, and contribute to the development of local tourism.

Alena Energy – Partnering with Vietnam to Safeguard the Marine Environment

Alena Energy is confident that through collective community efforts, we can successfully protect Vietnam’s marine environment and build a sustainable, green future for generations to come. Act now for a green, clean, and beautiful Vietnam!

Join Alena Energy in the mission to protect Vietnam’s marine environment!

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