Alena Energy Introduces the Future of SCADA Solutions at VIBT 2024

The recent Smart Devices and Building Management Technology Exhibition (VIBT 2024) was a resounding success, attracting significant interest from investors, businesses, and visitors. At the event, ICONICS, a software company established by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation—one of the world’s leading electronic technology corporations—made a strong impression with its advanced SCADA solution, ICONICS GENESIS 64.

ICONICS Draws Strong Interest with GENESIS 64 Solution at VIBT 2024

Designed to enhance the Microsoft Windows operating system, GENESIS 64 is not only an advanced HMI/SCADA software suite but also a real-time data synchronization tool. The solution allows IT professionals to seamlessly integrate real-time data from production, energy, and business processes into an intuitive, secure, and efficient dashboard.

As one of ICONICS’ key partners in Vietnam, Alena Energy aims to bring the most advanced and reputable technology solutions to the market. In collaboration with a global leader in electrical and electronic technology like Mitsubishi Electric, Alena Energy is committed to providing reliable solutions to customers and partners, optimizing monitoring, data analysis, and decision-making processes.

Alena Energy is a Key Partner of ICONICS in Vietnam

The VIBT 2024 exhibition provided Alena Energy with a valuable opportunity to showcase these groundbreaking technologies, drawing significant interest from investors, businesses, and visitors. Below are some images from the Alena Energy booth at VIBT 2024, where the ICONICS solution was prominently featured.

Alena Energy Director (left) Takes a Commemorative Photo with a Representative of ICONICS USA/MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC (right) at VIBT 2024

Alena Energy is not only a technology partner but also a pioneer in bringing innovative solutions to the Vietnamese market. The VIBT 2024 event demonstrated that with partnerships with major names like ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric, Alena Energy will continue to drive the development of the clean energy sector and smart building management technology. We are committed to continuous innovation and delivering the most practical values to our customers, partners, and the community. Join us in creating a green and sustainable future.


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