Alena Energy is a company specializing in providing energy management (EMS) and monitoring and automatic control (SCADA) solutions for businesses in Vietnam. Alena Energy solutions are designed to help businesses monitor, analyze and improve energy efficiency.

Alena Energy’s EMS Scada sector includes the following products and services:

  • Energy Management System (EMS): Alena Energy’s EMS system helps businesses monitor energy consumption, analyze energy data and provide energy saving solutions. Alena Energy’s EMS system can integrate with many different types of energy measurement devices, including electricity meters, water meters, temperature meters,…
  • Monitoring and automatic control system (SCADA): Alena Energy’s SCADA system helps businesses monitor and control electrical equipment remotely. Alena Energy’s SCADA system can be used to monitor electrical equipment in factories, buildings,…

Alena Energy’s solutions have been successfully deployed in many businesses in Vietnam, including manufacturing, trading, service businesses, etc. Alena Energy’s solutions have helped businesses save money. energy, improve production efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

We aim to benefit businesses through the use of the EMS Scada system:

  • Real-time energy monitoring: Alena Energy’s EMS Scada system provides real-time energy consumption monitoring. This helps businesses easily detect energy consumption problems and take timely corrective measures.
  • Energy data analysis: Alena Energy’s EMS Scada system provides energy data analysis capabilities. This helps businesses better understand their energy needs and come up with effective energy saving solutions.
  • Energy savings: Alena Energy’s EMS Scada system can help businesses save energy from 10% to 30%.

With the above benefits, Alena Energy’s EMS Scada system is a suitable solution for businesses looking for ways to save energy, improve production efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Energy AnalytiX® advanced energy management software

Energy AnalytiX® advanced energy management software is an energy monitoring, analysis and management system that provides rich, real-time visualization, data connectivity and data integration. open and disseminated data to many BMS, SCADA, ERP and control systems. Any building or factory manager can use this smart energy software solution, which is highly intuitive in configuration, customization and operation. Energy AnalytiX includes the calculations, analytics, data storage, reporting and visualization needed to take decisive action to reduce and manage energy costs and consumption.

  • Visual configuration: Energy AnalytiX uses web-based configuration capabilities, including asset navigation that provides intuitive setup and configuration to any level of aggregation. Users can review detailed sources of low energy efficiency and identify suspected consumers. Consumption objects can be easily cross-compared within the same metrics using aggregate calculations.
  • Real-time data processing: Energy AnalytiX connects, analyzes, logs and visualizes information in an intuitive and accessible way. The site summary overview provides immediate information on energy consumption, finances and environmental impact.