IQ8P – The Latest Microinverter from Enphase Impresses at VIBT 2024

The VIBT 2024 International Exhibition, showcasing top-tier technologies and smart solutions for the construction and energy sectors, concluded successfully at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) from June 13 to 15, 2024. With over 10,000 visitors, VIBT 2024 became the focal point of the energy industry, attracting manufacturers, suppliers, and potential customers.

Alena Energy – Leading with Advanced Energy Solutions

Proudly positioned as a leading provider of renewable and smart energy management solutions in Vietnam, Alena Energy made a significant impact at VIBT 2024 with a modern, eye-catching booth that drew in numerous visitors. In collaboration with reputable strategic partners like Enphase, Pytes, Akila, ICONICS, TNI, and I-PRO, Alena Energy showcased the most advanced and efficient solar energy solutions available today.

IQ8P – The Highlight Solution

The standout feature at Alena Energy’s booth was the IQ8P, the latest intelligent microinverter from Enphase Energy. With superior features and modern design, the IQ8P attracted considerable attention from both visitors and industry experts.

IQ8P – The Latest Microinverter from Enphase Impresses at VIBT 2024

Why IQ8P Stands Out:

  • Reputable Brand: Enphase Energy, a world-leading microinverter manufacturer, boasts over 20 years of experience and a substantial market share in the solar energy industry.
  • Performance and Safety: The IQ8P is equipped with advanced features ensuring safety and efficiency for solar power systems, including: automatic shutdown upon fault detection; remote monitoring of each solar panel; fire prevention; and Burst Mode™ technology for shaded conditions.
  • High Conversion Efficiency: Up to 98%, optimizing electricity generation.
  • Reliable Operation: Capable of efficient performance under all weather conditions.
  • Easy Installation: Compact and lightweight design.

Enphase’s Burst Mode™ Technology Operates Even When Shaded

Alena Energy – A Trusted Distributor of Enphase Energy

With its outstanding advantages, the IQ8P is regarded as one of the best microinverters on the market today. Alena Energy is proud to be the official distributor of Enphase Energy in Vietnam, committed to providing genuine, high-quality products along with professional services to meet all customer needs.

Distributor information for Alena Energy is available on the Enphase website. Details: Enphase Distributor Link

Why Choose Alena Energy?

  • Trusted Partner: Officially authorized by Enphase Energy, ensuring high-quality products and services.
  • Extensive Experience: Years of expertise in the solar energy field, constantly updating with the latest technologies.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Offering a full range of Enphase products, from the IQ8P microinverter to Enphase AC Module solar panels and Enphase energy storage systems.
  • Professional Service: A team of experienced engineers providing free consultation, installation support, and system maintenance.

Contact Alena Energy now for a free consultation and experience the most advanced solar energy solutions!

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