BySolarPower is a registered trademark of and owned by Alena Energy. Taking creativity and smart technology as the guideline for all product development strategies, positioning is a product that is closely linked with the development of smart homes in the future.

  • BySolarPower stands on the point of being “management system” instead of “device”, which is demonstrated by the central role of the product, intelligent coordination, compatibility and interrelation of all devices in the same solar power (PV) system.
  • 100% “pure SIN wave” helps to stabilize the power supply for better and more durable electrical equipment.
  • The “manager app” has a server in Vietnam, English-Vietnamese bilingual presentation, allowing users to monitor the amount of electricity consumed in their home and solar power system anytime and anywhere.
  • “Smart service” instead of “Professional service”, building a customer “service” strategy in the direction of “smart” through software, it must be interactive and highly practical, fast efficiency and satisfying customer requirements.