Huayu is the world’s leading solar inverter manufacturer, focusing on safe and secure MLPE (Module-level Power Electronics) and ESS (Energy Storage System) rooftop solar solutions with high efficiency.

Starting over 30 years in the Electrical and Electronics industry since 1990, Huayu New Energy is one of the very few professional MLPE manufacturers in the world that can supply a full range of micro-inverters (micro-inverters) capacity from 600W to 2000W can install many types of panels with different capacities (300W->600W).The HY-2000-Plus is the world’s first micro-inverter with the highest power (2000W), built-in data monitor (DTU), AC/DC cable, compatible with all types of batteries high on the market today (500W+).

Thanks to the great efforts of the R&D team, Huayu micro-inverter products always pioneer the application of new technology and outstanding quality, the product is warranted for up to 25 years, widely used in over 50 countries all around the world. In addition to micro-inverter and ESS, Huayu is also known to customers for product lines such as string inverter, hybrid, etc.

In Vietnam, Huayu has the official warranty and distribution representative, Alena Energy, headquartered in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City: https://www.huayu-en