Information about 3.6MWP Duc Hoa – Long An Solar Power Project

Name of project 3.6MWP solar power system – Long An
Project Type Attic
Wattage 3.6MWP
Location Long An – Viet Nam
Client Alena Energy
Device Growatt MAX 80
Benefit – Financial benefits: Businesses will have additional income from roof rental (fixed per square meter) or a percentage of revenue from selling electricity generated from the solar power system.

– Non-financial benefits: Factory roofs with solar panels installed will reduce the temperature below, making the warehouse cooler, helping to save electricity and contributing to reducing greenhouse emissions and protecting a cleaner, greener environment.


Groundbreaking ceremony of 3 solar power projects in Duc Hoa – Long An at the same time


One of the projects that Alena company distributes equipment includes batteries and inverters

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